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The ministry of science and technology has published a guide to the project on the control and governance of water pollution

The ministry of science and technology has published a guide to the project on the control and governance of water pollution

2017/09/11 11:47
Recently,theministryofscienceandtechnologyissuedanoticetothescientificandtechnologicaldevelopmentofwaterpollutioncontrolandgovernance.Thefulltextisasfollows: Notificationofthelaunchofthe2018annualproj

Recently, the ministry of science and technology issued a notice to the scientific and technological development of water pollution control and governance. The full text is as follows:


Notification of the launch of the 2018 annual project (project) on water pollution control and governance


Related units:


In accordance with the printed and distributed by the state council on deepening the central government science and technology plan (and funds, etc.) special management reform of circular (guo fa [2014] no. 64) of the spirit and the national science and technology major projects the relevant implementation work, according to the water pollution control and management of science and technology major projects (hereinafter referred to as the "water") "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in implementation plan", is now released "water pollution control and management of science and technology major projects 2018 projects (subject) guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide", see appendix 1). Notice of specific declaration is as follows:


1. Declaration of general requirements


(1) according to the relevant requirements of the reform of the "13th five-year" management system, water special "13th five year" shall be managed according to the project. In principle, the project should be declared and reviewed. Review the project at the same time as the project review. For individual demonstration research content across regional, cross-industry and cross-professional projects with relatively independent content, the following topics (hereinafter referred to as "independent reporting subjects") are separately reported and independently reviewed. See guidelines for specific guidelines.


(2) the top design, reporting unit should strengthen the task seriously goes on to the relationship between research project consists of subject, formulate specific technology roadmap, reasonable decomposition research task, clear development progress, assessment of important nodes and result output. The assessment indicators should be quantifiable, and the assessment indicators of pollutant reduction, energy conservation and emission reduction, water quality improvement, capacity building and institutional innovation should be clearly assessed.


(3) the reporting unit should according to the national science and technology major projects of intellectual property rights management interim provisions "website (see the ministry of science and technology, strengthening of intellectual property and standard research, put forward the application for a patent and standard of related indicators, do the field the core technology of intellectual property rights situation analysis, proposed and transformation mechanism of sharing intellectual property and achievements.


(4) to declare the unit when making declaration and implementation plan, the relevant local government communication and coordination with basin should be strengthened, in-depth research, strengthen research and development tasks and combined closely with the local demand of the pollution treatment, to ensure that the task to the ground. Beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the taihu lake basin and liaohe and dianchi lake demonstration project (subject) or separate the declaration declare units' filings need to obtain the recognition of local government, and provide the corresponding funds supporting proof.


(5) declare unit should plan as a whole use water special "11th five-year plan", "twelfth five-year" and other existing resources and results, the advantage of the details related to the project (subject) and the foundation, including has to undertake the project related countries, and with this special connection scheme of national engineering center, key laboratory and the talent team construction, etc. Focusing on the combination of production, research and research, the central and local research teams combined to tackle the problem.


(6) to strengthen bilateral cooperation, encourage good declaration of sino-german cooperation base unit with Germany team to carry out joint research, related tasks will serve as a sino-german special cooperation an important content of the water. The fund of the German research team is solved by the German side itself.


(7) declare units shall, in accordance with the "interim measures for the people mouth science and technology major special funds management, and general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, the general office of the state council" about further perfecting the central finance scientific research project funds management policy of several opinions of notice (do hair [2016] no. 50) requirements, faithfully disclose their budget. The central government for capital and other sources (including local fiscal funds, unit self-raised funds and other funds, etc.) shall be not less than the proportion of the project guidelines, and shall provide full supporting certificate. If the central government funds are reduced by the review of the Treasury, the total amount of the other channel funds pledged will not be reduced.


Declare basic conditions and requirements


Basic conditions and requirements of the declaration unit


1. The responsibility of the special task of water shall be assumed by the legal person, and the legal person entity shall be the subject of responsibility for the declaration and implementation of the project or independent declaration subject. Declare units should be registered in the territory of the People's Republic of China, with independent legal person qualification of scientific research institutes, institutions of higher learning and enterprises etc (registration time for December 31, 2016), should have strong scientific research ability and condition, operation management specification. The government organ may not declare as a declaration unit.


Unit is the project 2. Led declaration (declaration subject independently) task main undertaker and organize the implementation of management, deal with joint unit, according to the qualification review, the parties shall enter into an agreement on joint declaration to clearly define their respective work, responsibility, and funds. If led to declare units for the enterprise, the registered capital shall not be less than for the central finance capital, and a double head, chairman of the board of directors or general manager enterprise as the first administrative responsibility, also must clearly a full-time technical director. For the group company, if the specific work is undertaken by the subsidiary, it shall be declared directly by the subsidiary in order to facilitate the use and management of funds.


3. When applying for the same project, the reporting unit can only lead or participate in a reporting team. The same unit shall not have multiple teams to declare the same project.


4. Strictly control the number of units and avoid task dispersion. The project will set up a project or independently declare the subject, and the number of units (including lead units) of each subject shall not exceed 8. In principle, the central government budget is less than 200 million yuan (200 million yuan), and the number of units (including the lead unit) is no more than 20. More than 200 million yuan of projects, no more than 30.


(ii) basic conditions and requirements of the responsible person


1. Project (subject) head should be on-the-job personnel with senior technical titles, has the high academic level and relevant research experience, both at home and abroad the latest developments in science and technology have a more comprehensive understanding, chaired or participated in the national major scientific research or major engineering projects. Age in principle not more than 56 years of age (born after January 1, 1962), investment project (subject) study of time not less than 60% of my work time, in the domestic annual working hours are not less than 9 months.


2. The person in charge of the project (subject) is limited to one project or project. National key basic research development program (973 program, including major scientific research project), the national high technology research and development program (863 program), national science and technology support, national international science and technology cooperation projects, national major scientific instruments and equipment development projects, special industry, scientific research, the basic work of science and technology special for public welfare and national science and technology major projects, the national key research and development plan of the central budget, head of the science and technology plan in the research project (subject) may not lead to declare this special project (subject); In personnel at the same time to participate in multiple projects (subject) the central government science and technology plan projects (subject), in the research project (subject) shall not exceed the total of 2, total investment project (subject) study time should not exceed 100% of their working time. Participate in the central government (subject) in the research project of science and technology plan projects (including task or project) head may not due to declare this special project (subject) and exit the current bear the project (including task or project). According to the task contract and the postponement, the implementation period until the end of December 2017 is not within the scope of the research project (subject). If the person in charge of the project (project) has a super item, he or she will cancel the qualification of his team to declare the project independently.


3. According to the relevant requirements of the ministry of science and technology on the major special administrative reform of the technology of the people's mouth, the members of the general expert group on water and the preparation experts of the guidelines (listed in annex 2) shall not participate in this declaration. Government officials at the central and local levels (including those who exercise the functions of science and technology planning) may not declare the project.


4. In the past three years, there has been no bad credit record in the application and undertaking of national science and technology project.


3. Preparation and submission of the declaration materials


(1) online filing of the declaration


Declare units in the national science and technology of management information system of public service platform (hereinafter referred to as the "public service platform",, online fill the national major science and technology special project (subject) the feasibility study report (declaration) "(see attachment 3) format. The reporting unit shall complete the work of unit registration, account creation, online submission and online submission through the public service platform (see annex 4 for the declaration process). A classified project (subject) is submitted in an offline manner.


(ii) implement the implementation plan and budget books offline


Declare units must be offline making project and consists of subject or declare independence project plan (attachment 5) and budget (funds and resources of science and technology information network ( and the "download center" "the people of science and technology major projects budget preparing system").


(3) declaration of materials


Declare units are required to submit their project or declare independence project declaration, project and consists of subject or independence declaration of project implementation plan and budget (A4 paper double-sided printing, white coated paper binder), and in the text the corresponding build official seal and signature. Among them, the declaration, implementation of 20 copies (1 is 19 deputy), budget 5 copies (1 to 4), the electronic disc 1 (including PDF and Word format declaration, OWL and PDF format, Word format in the budgetary implementation plan, the file name format is: projects or independent reporting project number - or name - file types - declare independence declaration subject unit), and above all material information should be consistent. The declaration material shall be sealed with seal and sealed with seal. The declaration and relevant supporting documents shall be packed separately.


The paper declaration material and the undertaking (annex 6) shall be sent to the prescribed place by the reporting unit and the special person according to the time requirement according to the project return management department (annex 7). Once the application is accepted, the declaration material, the declared unit and the responsible person shall not be changed in principle.


(4) form review and expert review


The office of water special management shall conduct formal examination of the paper materials submitted by the declared unit (request to see annex 8), which shall enter into a merit-based review through the application form of the examination. The beijing-tianjin-hebei region and the taihu river basin project (independent reporting project) are organized by local governments to organize expert reviews and cooperate with the water special management office. Other projects (independent reporting subjects) are reviewed by the water special management office. Review time and related requirements will be announced separately.


Iv. Time requirement


Please complete the submission and submission strictly according to the time requirement. The specific time requirements of each stage are as follows:


Online filling time: August 14, 2017 -- 17:00, September 15, 2017;


Material delivery time: 17:00, September 16, 2017;


Form review time: September 17, 2017.


V. contact information


(I) water special administrative office of the ministry of environmental protection


Address: water special management office, no. 1, yuanhui south road, chaoyang district, Beijing


Room 421,


Contact: sun jia junshan Dan han wei


Tel: 010-84665909, 84665906,84665926


Zip code: 100029


(2) water special administrative office of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development


Address: room 219, building materials south, no.11, sanli river road, haidian district, Beijing


Contact person: ren haijing shi chun li


Tel: 010-57811042, 57811040,58934022


Zip code: 100831


Special water management office


August 7, 2017


(a) key demonstration of regional comprehensive control of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region


Project 1, ecological restoration technology and demonstration of river corridor in yongding river (Beijing)


I. research objectives


According to the yongding river "flow of the river, green river, clean and safe river" the goal of requirements, with emphasis on the yongding river (Beijing segment), demonstration area, through kinds of water supply river ecological flow optimal regulation and green ecological corridor construction technology research and comprehensive demonstration, support 2020 yongding river (Beijing segment) river ecological basic run-through channel planning objectives.


Ii. Research contents


Combined with the overall concept of yongding river comprehensive treatment and ecological restoration, the kinds of water purification and risk control, water storage and optimizing the deployment of technology, improving the capacity of yongding river (Beijing segment) ecological flow security; To carry out the technology and demonstration research of water quality improvement in yongding river landscape water storage area, to maintain the large-scale water surface landscape function of the river; To study the ecological reconstruction technology of sand flow and to construct a demonstration of green river corridor construction in the broken area to form a water landscape with water and water; To study the optimal allocation and regulation of water ecological space control and ecological water flow in yongding river basin, and to support the planning target of the yongding river (Beijing) river ecological channel in 2020.


Key words: